Our Story

Becoming more aware and awakened with each breath.

Breathwork is an opportunity to create space for more love, acceptance and allowance. It has been so life changing for us on our own journeys of self discovery, self healing, realising potential and self exploration. We are so grateful for the opportunity to share what we have learned and created with you all.

Create Flow Breathwork About Us
Meet Timmy Create Flow Co-Founder and a breathwork facilitator ceritified in Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instruction, XPT Performace Breath Coach, SOMA breath instructor and Zen Thai Shiatsu level one practitioner

Breathwork Facilitator | Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor | XPT Performance Breath Coach | SOMA Breath Instructor | 
Zen Thai Shiatsu Practioner (level one)

Nature lover, Tim has spent the last 8 years working in Australia to travel Europe and America skydiving, BASE jumping and exploring other amazing parts of the world while playing in the elements. During these times he suffered some near death experiences and severely traumatic injuries. In recovery and unable to do the things he loved he lost his sense of identity, became severely depressed and experienced suicidal ideations, something he had lived through younger in his life. These injuries were the catalyst that ultimately lead to his deep and continuing journey of self-enquiry and spirituality.

In search for knowledge he began working with plant medicines from across the globe to delve deeper into the mind, body and the human experience. Through this he discovered the most powerful medicine, the BREATH. Tim immersed himself in his breathwork practices.

Finding his calling to step forward and hold space, share the gift of breath work and guide others to evolve living a more conscious and connected life with themselves and the nature around us. A gentle warrior who has dived deep in his own continuous self work, this allows Tim to provide a safe container for full allowance and release with zero judgement. Having been there many times himself, he understands the sacred value of holding space and how transformational Breathwork can be. He looks forward to connecting with you wherever you are on your journey in life.


Breathwork Facilitator | SOMA Breath Instructor |  Zen Thai Shiatsu Practioner (level one)

Meet Jackie Create Flow Co-Founder and breathwork facilitator ceritified in SOMA breath and Zen Thai Shiatsu level one practitioner

Jackie spent the last 10 years travelling to snowboard in isolated and beautiful locations, meeting and learning from people from all walks of life. Growing her deep connection to nature she realised she had lost connection with herself. Not becoming truly aware of the depth and significance of what this actually meant until she started to uncover more, searching within and discovering the complexities of what it means to be human and the dramatic effects losing touch with yourself can have. 

Through her journey of self exploration and spirituality she encountered Breathwork and found it to be the transformational tool she had been looking for to help her uncover, shift and let go of all that did not serve her. 

Breathwork enabled her to love herself wholly and fully. Letting go of past conditioning, fears and self limiting beliefs only to realise a deep inner calling to share the magic of the breath with others has led her to now. She loves holding space for others to go through their process while guiding and supporting them on their own journeys back to themselves.