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Flow Fundamentals

Imagine having 24/7 access to your own breathwork coach, recorded videos you can come back to time and time again.


This course will give you a lifetime of skills and knowledge to use everyday. You will learn to build solid foundations, whether you are beginning or continuing your journey into breathwork.

Book a free phone consultation before your breathwork session

At Create Flow all 1:1 sessions begin with a free phone consultation to ensure our practices are an adequate fit for you. 

Here’s 3 simple tips to check in on your breath right now:

1. Are your breathing through your nose?
2. Is there a slight pause after your exhale?
3. Is your breath like a wave? ( inhaling belly-ribs-chest, exhaling chest-ribs-belly)

We offer a holistic approach to breathwork combining spirituality and science together.

Why Breathwork
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Private Sessions

Beyond our group events, we offer Private one-on-one sessions ranging in CFB Conscious Connected Breathing, Oxygen Advantage Breath Coaching and SOMA. Book a one-on-one session to continue your journey, work through emotions surfacing from a group event or embark on your breathwork practices. One-on-one's are offered both in-person and online, so don't let distance hold you back from reconnecting with your breath, mind, body and soul. We are honoured you have been led here to continue your journey. 

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I was unsure what to expect from breathwork. I went in with an open mind and had an amazing experience. Timmy and Jackie create such a safe place where it was easy to let go and enjoy the journey. In the days after there was some raw surreal emotions I called them and they helped me work through and process this. All in all an unforgettable experience that has created more room for love and growth. Thanks guys, much love.

– Cain